Dear Fat People…

Ooops, I Said Vagina... Again..

My 15-year-old daughter asked me to come watch a video today! It was a video that a teenage boy from her school shared on his Facebook page. The video is of a “comedian” pretty much making fun of fat people for six straight minutes. The girl in this video calls it “comedy!” 
After watching the disturbing video, I sat and talked to my 15-year-old daughter who is currently 105 pounds and still thinks she is fat! She thinks she is not good enough and never will be. I don’t know why. I have always told her she is perfect and beautiful just the way she is, but sometimes it’s not enough! On top of the ridiculous standards of society saying that we have to be skinny, blonde and perfect, we have people like this horrible woman who actually chooses to spend her time on this planet spewing ignorance and hate!!! 

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Why Fear the Walking Dead is Scarier than the Walking Dead


Even with less walkers, or biters, or whatever you like to call them, Fear the Walking Dead has managed to become scarier than it’s forerunner original. Don’t get angry at me just yet. Just listen to what I have to say. Fear the Walking Dead has brought something to the show that the Walking Dead couldn’t. It has linked the two the worlds: the Walking Dead world and reality. When watching the Walking Dead, we see it as a fictional world, a separate happenstance that entertains us and helps us to question our own morality through rick or carol. But it does still feel like a different world, like we woke up with Rick in the first episode, and ever since we have been tumbling down the rabbit hole of decayed flesh and crossbows. Yet, when watching Fear the Walking Dead, we see people, going about their regular days, listening to Ipods or riding the bus to school. We see people throwing birthday parties and having domestic disputes. We see people do what we do everyday. Then, we also see those exact people get sick, get eaten, or get shot by panicking police officers. Basically, we are seeing us get sick, get eaten, or get shot. In fact, if I look around my house, I can see my sister with her head phones on, and I can see birthday balloons scattered about the living room from a party we had a few days ago.

Walkers do make me jump sometimes, when they pop out from behind a corner or jump out from behind a tree. The Walking Dead does have pretty good jump scares. But the anxiety felt while watching Fear the Walking Dead is deeper, and more real. The scene when Madison stops her daughter from saving their neighbor, full well knowing that a newly nine year old girl will die out there… she shuts the door, and turns her back on a neighbor that earlier that same day she was having a conversation with… We get to see the degrading of humanity begin, not just physically, but morally and emotionally. “When civilization ends, it ends fast.” It’s a beautiful quote, and frightening one, because of the truth it holds. I love The Walking Dead, I love characters such as Glenn and Michonne and Daryl. But the realism in Fear the Walking Dead has given us an eerily accurate idea of what it would be like to join our favorite characters… And that is scary.

Remember that this is in no way against The Walking Dead. It was just a comparison between the two shows, and I think both have amazing things to offer to the audience, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in both shows.

The Suicide of a 13 year old Girl!~

Ooops, I Said Vagina... Again..

Close your eyes for a minute! Think back to when you were 13 years old. Do you remember? Do you remember what it felt like? How unsure you felt? How much you wanted to fit in and be liked by others at the same time of trying to figure out just where you belonged? Do you remember feeling like the little things that happened in your life were ENORMOUS things and not being able to put those things into perspective?
The story of the 13-year-old girl is a sad one. Her last few days on Earth were riddled with bullying from school, from home, from the world. Why wasn’t anybody on her side? What drove her to take that final jump? If you know the story, you know about her “punishment” from…

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Is This What They Call Christian Love?

What do Christians allow? From what I’ve been seeing, it’s all the wrong things. Being gay is supposedly a sin. It is love between two consenting adults that doesn’t involve anybody outside of their relationship, but it’s deemed as horrible by Christians. Transgender people are supposedly sinners. Transgender people just want to dress the way they want, or become the gender they want. Who is it hurting? Nobody. It is a completely personal thing, yet Christians say it’s bad. Masturbation is bad, or so Christians say. You can’t touch your own body, because it’s a sin. Why are all of these things seen as dirty or wrong? What is so bad about people consenting to do what they want with their own bodies?

Now that the Duggars incident has happened, and I see Christians actually upset over the show being taken away from them, I wonder about Christian sanity. If you don’t already know, the eldest Duggar son has been caught molesting young children, including his own sisters. It was some years ago when he was fourteen or fifteen. But the children were young, really young. But, see, what the Christians are really worried about is that the show doesn’t get canceled. They are all saying, “What’s wrong? Why are people upset about this? Everybody makes mistakes, right? It was just a mistake and he said sorry. It’s not even a big deal. He was a child.”

He wasn’t a child. He was a teenager. His victims were the children. Why do Christians feel the need to protect the predator and not the victims? Why do they care so much if the show is canceled when the Duggar parents obviously told their victimized daughters to get over it. They obviously don’t care that their daughters were damaged, otherwise they would have stopped allowing him around the kids. But, no. He got a stern talk and a slap on the wrist. And, by the way, it wasn’t a one time thing. He did it multiple times. He is what is called a repeat offender.

As I sit here, reading the defenders of the Duggars, I’m trying to understand what Christians allow. Apparently, two same-sex adults can’t have sex, even though they are both consenting. You can’t touch your own body, the body that literally belongs to you and nobody else. You can’t change your body or dress the way you want, even though it won’t harm anybody else. But, if you want to fondle innocent children for a while, then say “Woops, sorry,” go ahead. Christians won’t condemn you. In fact, they will shrug, and say everybody makes mistakes. They will want your tv show to continue for their own selfish entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you damaged other lives outside of your own.

So, does it make sense? What they allow and what they don’t? If their God truly believes the way these Christians say he does, I want no part of it. I want no part of him. I always hear about God’s love and acceptance. If he is accepting child molesters but not gay people, let the Duggars have heaven. I think I’ll be happier in hell.

Who are YOU?? And what do YOU stand for??

Wonderful Blog!

Ooops, I Said Vagina... Again..

You know what, ..unless you have personally experienced racism, .you do not get to say it doesn’t exist! Unless you have personally experienced sexism, you do not get to say it doesn’t exist! Unless you have personally experienced being raped and bullied you do not get to say it didn’t happen!
It’s the same thing as if you tell someone that they are being an asshole and they say “No I’m not!” well it’s really not up to them is it?!
America was built on the backs of slaves! THEY built this country. This is a factual part of American history! We all learn about this in school. It happened!! These people fought for the right just to be seen as human. And now all these years later the residual effect of what this country practiced early on is still a very real part…

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The Kiss

As an avid TV show watcher, I am involved in many current TV series. I love getting lost in the brotherly love of Supernatural, the magic of Doctor Who, and the witty deductions of Sherlock. But what I have been watching most recently have been causing quite a stir. On Wednesdays, I have been enjoying a sci-fi show called The 100, and on Sundays, I curl up with the zombies of the Walking Dead. These shows are different in so many ways, but there is something that has happened recently that ties them together…



These kisses aren’t like the other kisses in the beginning of both series. The kiss in the Walking Dead is between two men, and the kiss from The 100 is between two women. They were big moments in both shows, and both beautifully directed. But it isn’t the kiss that is bothering me. What is bothering me is the public reaction.

Let’s start off with The 100. Since the kiss has happened, I have seen three reactions. The first reaction is that of support. This is people saying “OMG, I love Clexa! This is so awesome!” That reaction sounds good. The second reaction is from those that ship Bellarke, that is Bellamy and Clarke. They sound something like this: “It’s okay for now, I guess. But end game is totally Bellamy and Clarke. Bellarke all the way! Lexa is gonna probably die anyway.” These are okay reactions. And maybe Bellarke is end game, who knows. But this last reaction makes me cringe. It goes something like “This contradicts everything in the first season. Clarke was totally with Finn! She isn’t gay, now she is? Gay agenda! It’s terrible that they are making these characters so weak all of a sudden!”

That is pretty much what I keep seeing. And I am so devastated at people’s inability to understand what is going on. Regardless of the fact that the show runners have stated that Clarke is bi-sexual, The 100 is a science fiction series. It is based in the future. And just like every great sci-fi show, it is going to show advanced ideas that push the modern-day boundaries. Just like the Star Trek episode “Plato’s Stepchildren.” The famous kiss between Kirk and Uhura, who have different skin tones! What!?! Could you imagine how that was received in 1968?


Isn’t science fiction amazing, how it tears down old ideas and shows a better way? With how the world is progressing, do people really believe that these “gay” “straight” labels will still exist with our children and children’s children? I highly doubt it. Labels are disintegrating everyday! People are constantly showing that these boxes don’t suit everybody, and that people are more complex than the simple boxes we try to squeeze them into. And to those who are whining about how shows always have a “gay agenda”, you need to stop now. There is no such thing as a “gay agenda”. There is only a desire to show equality by making sure that the show represents every lifestyle possible. Gay couples and straight couples are a reality, so shouldn’t they both be present in a show?

My other point supporting the Clarke/Lexa kiss is that they are in survival mode. The element of survival forces people to push out their old ideas to create new ones. Having a connection with anyone, no matter their gender, is a positive thing. The fight for survival can leave people mistrusting and unfeeling, which is basically what Lexa has fallen into. This isn’t necessarily a sign of strength. It is a sign that she is losing her humanity. The kiss was a symbol of humanity overcoming all. It showed how Clarke and Lexa can help each other, and make each other stronger. Lexa shows Clarke the way of grounders, and Clarke reminds Lexa that there is more to life than basic survival. These characters aren’t growing weak, they are just growing, changing, and learning.


Now that the whole survival idea has come into play, I think it’s a good time to move on to the Walking Dead kiss. The Walking Dead universe is set in the parts of America that have been known to be quite conservative, and most of the characters have accents from those parts. With this setting, you might think that the show is a male dominated, close-minded show, but it is the opposite. Since the first season, we have seen these characters overcome racism and sexism. Who has the energy to have such isolating hatred when people are literally eating each other? The characters, just like the show, have improved drastically. Carol used to be a shell of a person, too scared to fight, and now she is taking down whole communities. Daryl used to be a follower of his racist bigoted brother, but he broke free, and now thinks for himself. It’s really a show that changes and grows with every season.

But now, there is this. This kiss. It has thrown Walking Dead fans for a loop, but why? Because two men love each other? Oh, how barbaric! We may not have seen much form Aaron and Eric, but I will say this: I think our characters need people like them right now. When Aaron came on the scene, the characters and the audience alike immediately were cautious about his clean cut appearance and gentle manner. But, because of this last episode, you see why he is like that. He has something that the group has lost, and that is hope and love. When we see Aaron with Eric, we see two gentle souls, trying to find something other than the decay around them. They are trying to live happily with each other, as if the walkers don’t even exist. They may be in a cruel and dying world, but it’s easy to see that the world they have created with each other is full of life and hope. Rick and the others need that.


Lastly, the cold reaction of Walking Dead fans because of the kiss makes me ask one question. What is wrong with the world when violence, abuse, and cannibalism are seen as less disturbing than love? Walking Dead fans have watched as women were hit by their husbands, people were cooking other people, and a child shot her sister. There were even suggestions of kids being molested. Not to mention the hordes of decaying, gut spilling, flesh eating zombies.

Maybe people should start re-evaluating their thoughts and beliefs, because from where I am sitting, these kisses were signs of strength, growth, change, hope, love, and trust. And that is what people should be striving for in the real world. After all, aren’t we watching these shows to push real world problems in extraordinary situations? That, and we watch for fun.

Comment what you thought of the episodes. Where do you think these relationships will lead us to? How do you feel about the characters? We can discuss our opinions like the TV show loving people that we are.